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No Fault Divorce from 6th April 2022

“End of blame game in divorce laws in England and Wales”

The most far-reaching change in divorce laws in decades has come into force today.

The new law removes the necessity to blame one of the separating parties and therefore enhances the possibility for couples to positively rebuild their lives and protect their children from any bad feelings.

Under the old law in England and Wales, anyone wanting a quick divorce had to blame their partner for adultery or unreasonable behaviour. If they did not do this, they were potentially trapped for two years and then had to wait for the consent of the other partner. If this was not forthcoming, they had to wait for five years.

The anxieties caused by the “blame game” made parties susceptible to conflict in dealing with issues of child contact and/or division of finances.

Now, separating couples can either together or individually file for divorce without having to give a reason or apportion blame.

After issuing the divorce application, there will be a 20 week “cooling off period” during which

parties can deal with finances and/or children issues before applying for the conditional order. The

six weeks and one day delay between orders will remain between the conditional order and the final divorce order.

The same no-fault rules apply to same-sex marriages and civil partnerships.

We now offer a fixed fee divorce service for £295.00* plus VAT and disbursements

We have appointments available..

*Subject to conditions.

For more information, please contact:

Kris Seed on Wellington 01823 804436
Amanda Shaw on Taunton 01823 792198
Stuart Smallman on Minehead 01643 703123


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