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Family Law | Christmas and New Year contact

If you think it is likely that there will be an issue over the Christmas period it makes good sense to resolve it sooner rather than later.

Agreeing how to split Christmas is often much more straightforward if addressed early, by the summer at the latest.

If you leave it later then the excitement of Christmas tends to get in the way.

Parents always hope to provide their children with a happy and enjoyable Christmas, but once parents are separated it means the children must spend it in two separate places.

This can be hard for both children and parents, especially in the early years.

The biggest problem is normally Christmas Eve night and where the children wake up to find Santa has visited them.

There are no rules to govern what happens only that the Court would want to see some form of fair arrangement to allow the children to spend part of Christmas with each of their parents.

Factors which may be considered:

Where there are no religious traditions, other factors which may cause problems may be:

  • the distance between the parents, which may limit the options that are available.

  • Half siblings

  • Blended families

The best solution is to agree wherever possible but if it is not possible, then get your application in to the court at the earliest opportunity.

If you would like more information relating to Christmas or any other child contact arrangements, please contact our family department on 01823 251571.


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