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Civil Partnerships and Same Sex Marriage

Every family is different, so we ensure that our team of experts provides bespoke advice for every client.

It is a little-known fact that Civil partnership status is now available to heterosexual couples in the UK as an alternative to marriage.

It is also worth noting that a marriage invalidates a Will if it was not made in contemplation of that specific marriage.

Updating a will is advisable in anticipation of (or after) any major life event – but on marriage, it is essential.

Our family team has extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise to assist with the most intricate and complex relationships and can help you with anything you need.

We can assist with initial advice, or help with specific aspects of a legal issue, or professional legal support for family members through mediation or court proceedings, we are ready willing and able to help you achieve the best results– all with utmost respect, compassion, and discretion.

We realise it is vital that you trust and feel comfortable with the lawyer you choose, so we have an initial appointment system which costs £100 plus VAT plus the initial AML checks so that you can make sure we are a good fit.

Things to bear in mind if you are thinking about getting married or entering a civil partnership or marriage:

  • it is important to understand the legal and financial implications

  • prenuptial agreements before a traditional wedding, or ;

  • pre-registration agreements before a civil partnership, to regulate how your financial resources will be divided if the relationship ever breaks down to the point of separation or divorce.

Ending a marriage or civil partnership can be very stressful. Apart from the obvious emotional fallout, there are also practical matters to deal with, such as finances, property, or business interests. If you have children, then their interests are paramount.

Our advice with regard to Divorce and Separation applies equally to same sex married couples and civil partners. The only exception is that adultery is not considered a basis on which to end a same-sex marriage or civil partnership, simply because of its outdated legal definition.

If you would like to speak to one of our family team, please contact us on 01823 251571 and speak to Amanda or Kris.


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